Saturday, September 6, 2014


Vanam Jwala Narasimha Rao
CPRO to CM Telangana

·        Waiver of Crop loans
           Farmers in the Telangana state have faced severe financial crisis due to frequent crop failures, lack of adequate support price, steep hike in input costs and the indifferent attitude of the erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh state government. Unable to clear the heavy compounding private debts as well as the loans raised from the financial institutions, coupled with the day to day expenditure that the family demanded and  driven to a despair situation, some farmers, unfortunately, have resorted to suicides. The Telangana Government, which took the reins, felt that, it is its responsibility to share burden of the farmers. Towards implementing its election promise, the Telangana government has decided to waive up to Rs.1.00 Lakh crop loans taken by the farmers. Agricultural loans on gold mortgage have also been included, much to the relief of the farming community in the state.  The initiative taken by the Telangana State government would benefit about 40 Lakh families. Though the burden on the government is to the tune of Rs.18 thousand Crores, keeping in view of the welfare of the farming families, Honorable Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who is aware of the difficulties faced by farmers, took the decision to waive the crop loans, thereby heralding good times to the entire farming community in the state.

·       Provision of Input Subsidy
         Benevolent that K Chandrasekhar Rao known for, he did not stop at waiving the farming loans, his government had also decided to pay the pending dues to the farmers. The government has released input subsidy to the farmers in all the Telangana districts. The earlier governments did not take note of the requests made by the farmers to compensate the losses incurred mainly due to heavy rains resulting in damage to the crops. The earlier governments did not respond at all despite Dharnas, Rasta Rokos organized by the farmers to give vent to their frustrations. The present Telangana government has decided to compensate the losses to the farmers. An amount of Rs.404.58 Crores has been released as input subsidy to the farmers.

·       Allotment of 3 acres of land to Dalits Families
        Ever since Independence, there has been lot of propaganda that the successive governments have taken up number of welfare programmes to benefit the Dalits and other depressed classes. In effect there has not been much of a change for the improvement of their lives except for pep talk by the powers that be. Even now in every village the worst downtrodden people belong to Dalits community. There are still many Dalits families who cannot afford a square meal a day. Majority of Dalits and their family members work as agriculture laborers in the un-organized sector. The Telangana government desires to change their status into a full-fledged farming community. This is the precise reason why the Chief Minister decided to provide 3 acres of land to every Dalit family. The Government feels that it is not just enough to give mere land but also to provide facilities like borewell, motor, power supply as well as initial investment for a year. It is not just enough to talk about inequalities and untouchables. This has to be exhibited in true letter and spirit by elevating the agricultural laborers as farmers. The government feels that their economic status needs to be enhanced and also their respect in the society is to be kept up. The Honorable Chief Minister has taken up this responsibility personally on his shoulders. He kept the welfare portfolio with him and changed the name of 'Social Welfare Department' as 'Scheduled Caste Development Department'. On the Independence Day the distribution commenced with CM handing over pattas to Dalit women at the Golconda Fort.

·       Regularization of contract employees
          TRS in its election manifesto has promised to regularize the services of all contract employees who have been working for several years with meagre salaries and uncertain service conditions. The government is firm on this issue and despite opposition from some quarters it has gone ahead to implement the promise. The earlier government did not agree to the request of the contract employees but the TRS government, in order to, fulfill its election promise has decided to regularize the services of contract employees.

·       Assistance to Martyrs’ families
           Formation of Telangana is the result of several sacrifices made by many from 1969 to 2014. Several people sacrificed their lives to achieve the Telangana statehood.  To help the families of those who sacrificed their lives, the TRS government has done all that it could do. Each family of the martyrs will be given Rs.10.00 lakhs as financial assistance. The programme started with extending financial assistance to the family of police Kishtaiah in Karimnagar. One member in each family of the martyr will get a government job. Those families who depend on agriculture will be provided with land. Children of the martyr will get free education and medical aid.

·       Withdrawal of cases against agitators
           The erstwhile government has foisted several cases against those who participated in the movement to achieve statehood for Telangana. Several requests to withdraw the cases were rejected by the earlier government. Lot of injustice was done. Day by day there was more and more harassment on them. The government has now decided to withdraw all cases against all those who took part in the agitation to achieve Telangana.

·       Telangana Increment to Government Employees
        The TRS has promised in its election manifesto to do its best in favor of Telangana employees who played a key role in the movement to achieve Telangana. They participated in agitations like “Sakala Janula Samme”. A promise was also made to sanction special Telangana increment in the election manifesto when it comes to power. Accordingly the government has now sanctioned special Telangana increment to all the Telangana State Government employees.

·       Central Scale to State Government employees
            The government intends to enhance the living style of Telangana State Government employees. Therefore the government has decided to enhance salaries to the State government employees on par with Central government employees.

·       Employee Friendly Government
The government would be employee friendly and it is decided not to transfer employees at least for two years from one post to other unless there is special and specific reason to do so.

·       Package to the Gulf Sufferers
         Unable to get employment opportunities in their native places and in the state, several people from Telangana migrated to Gulf Countries for opportunities. They were facing lot of problems there. The government is firm to help them to overcome their difficulties and therefore, it is decided to provide these NRIs the Kerala type of package and the government will do all that it is possible in favor of them.

·       Hyderabad as safe and smart City
        During the agitation for Telangana the slogan often raised was that, "Hyderabad Sirf Hamara". It was reiterated several times that, Hyderabad is the heart of Telangana. Several initiatives are being taken-up to safeguard the brand image of Hyderabad. Top priority has been given to maintain law and order for the safety of people in general, employees and women in particular. In order to have a safe and secured living in Hyderabad closed circuit cameras will be arranged round the clock. Constant vigilance with citizen participation is also envisaged.

·       Modernization of Police System in Hyderabad
            Several measures have been initiated to strengthen the police organization and for this government are prepared to spend any amount. The government has released Rs. 350 Crores for purchase of modern vehicles to the Police department equipped with GPS, internet and laptop. Government also issued orders for recruitment of 3600 employees.

·       Task Forces in City
           Special task force has been formed in Hyderabad city to protect women folk from attacks and assaults. These task forces are monitored by respective commissionerates across the city.

·       Hyderabad as WIFI City
           The Government is exploring the possibilities of making the entire Hyderabad as WIFI connected city with the participation of private organizations. Shortly the Hyderabad will become a 4G WIFI city; efforts are also being made to make Hyderabad as an IT incubator.

·       Special Committees to Study the Problems of Women
       In order to safe guard the modesty of women and redress their problems the government intends to appoint a study committee. This committee will go into details of problems the women face and suggest measures to overcome them. Based on their recommendations new laws will be enacted in favor of women interests. For example, there are no adequate safeguards against girl child abortions, sale of girl child etc. There is no law to control obscene movie and television shows. This committee will work in this regard.   

·       Single Window Industrial Policy
          It is essential that for the economic development of Telangana and for provision of more number of employment opportunities more and more industries in the state are to be established. The government is ready with an attractive industrial policy so that several National and International industrialists would show interest for establishing industries in the state. The government will follow transparent, easy and corruption free policies to sanction permissions and licenses to industries. A single window system will be in place. A special chasing cell in the Chief Ministers Office will be established. The government will make all arrangements like provision of infrastructure facilities, land, water, power etc as required by the industry and the prospective industrialists need not run round through different offices for permission. Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) will play key role in providing these facilities.

·       Land Bank for Industries
            Industrial corridors will be organized in Telangana by way of allotting around five Lakh acres of land to TSIIC. Overall logistics, establishment of townships and other activities are to be monitored by TSIIC.

·       Hyderabad to be a Global City
          Plans are ready to make Hyderabad as a Global city. With increasing population day by day Hyderabad has become one of the most populous cities in the world. Traffic congestion has increased, traffic jams are daily feature and People are facing problems. With projects like ITIR coming up in Hyderabad it is essential to make Hyderabad a comfortable city. A master plan is being prepared for Hyderabad city to facilitate easy living for at least two Crores of population in future. For preparation of the master plan government has decided to take the service of consultants.

·       12% Reservations to Muslims
         The Government’s objective is to see that the inequalities in the society are to be removed. The Government has accordingly decided to provide 12% reservations to Muslims. Towards this end it has appointed a commission to study the issue.

·       Rs. 1000 Crores for Minority Corporation
            Rs.1000 Crores fund was allocated from the State’s Budget for the Minorities Commission. Judicial powers are given to the Wakf Board. A Wakf Tribunal is also being established. The Government’s intention is to strengthen the corporation and there by facilitate more employment opportunities also.

·       Rs. 51, 000 financial assistance to Muslim Bride
Majority of Muslims live below poverty line. For them getting their daughters married is an added burden. Understanding the precarious condition of the families, the Telangana Government has decided to provide an amount of Rs. 51, 000 as financial assistance to the Muslim bride at the time of marriage and this will be directly credited to her bank account.

·       Judicial Powers to Wakf Board
The rule of Nizam is the basis for availability of enormous government land. During that time some amount of land was allocated for the Muslim minorities. Accordingly sufficient Wakf lands were available. However, during Seemandhra regime most of the Wakf lands were grabbed by major industrialists and bigwigs. Though the Wakf board was in existence, it was only for name sake in the absence of adequate powers. In order to protect the Wakf lands in a proper manner Telangana government has evinced special interest. The Telangana government also intends to establish a Wakf tribunal.  

·       Girijan Thandas as Gram Panchayats
The Girijan brothers have been agitating for several years to declare the Tandas and Adivasis habitations as special Gram Panchayats. Many a time they resorted to Dharnas and Rasta Rokos also.  They agitated in many ways. They pleaded several political parties also for this purpose. However, no justice was done to them. This Government has decided to convert the Girijan Tandas and Adivasis habitations as Gram Panchayats. The CM is also firm to provide 12% reservations to Scheduled Castes and there by improve their opportunities in education and employment.

·       12% reservation to STs
There are many scheduled tribes who are leading deserted life and living far from the modern facilities. Telangana government intends to bring in a change by providing employment and creating avenues by identifying such ST communities. The state government also proposed to include Valmiki, Boya communities in the category of STs. Chief Minister is firm to provide to all ST communities 12% reservation and see that they are further provided with facilities for their education and employment.

·       ITDA model schemes to STs living outside forests in plain lands
There are two categories of STs in the state. One category lives in the thick forest areas and the other in plain areas. Though all of them are categorized as Scheduled Tribes, the Constitution has recognized certain areas only as Scheduled Areas. The ITDA schemes are applicable only to the STs Living in scheduled areas. There are no alternatives for those who live in plain areas. Hence the Telangana Government is contemplating to formulate schemes on par with ITDA in the plain areas STs also.

·       Kalyanalaxmi
Unfortunately, the general feeling of many even now, is that, the girl child is bane to their family. In several Dalits and Girijan families unable to get the girl child married, they resort to sell them immediately after their birth. Realizing this harsh fact, the government has decided to provide financial assistance of Rs. 51, 000 to the family of girl child to perform their marriage and named the scheme as “Kalyanalaxmi”. Nowhere in India such a scheme is in existence. One should feel proud for introducing such a scheme in Telangana. This reduces burden on the Girijan and Dalits families.

·       Abolition of Road Taxes on Autos and Tractors
Persons belonging to the Poorest of the poor and middle class families unemployed are engaged themselves for their livelihood by running Autos. Their earnings are not even sufficient to meet the minimum daily needs and requirements. In such a situation paying taxes is an additional burden on them. The Chief Minister on understanding this has taken initiative to abolish road taxes on Autos. In addition to this the road tax on Tractors used for agricultural purposes is also abolished. The dues to a tune of Rs. 76 Crores on this count are also waived.

·       Enhancement of Pensions
In the past TRS demanded the previous governments to enhance the pension amounts paid to old aged people, Handicapped and widows as the amount paid to them was inadequate. None of the governments responded positively. It was promised in the TRS election manifesto that after coming to power it would enhance the pension amounts. To fulfill its election promise the government has decided to enhance the monthly pension to Rs. 1000 to old age people and widows and to Rs. 1500 to handicapped.

·       FAST for Telangana Students
The Government feels that lack of financial resources should not come in the way of Telangana Students in pursuing their higher studies. Towards this end the government is bringing a new scheme namely “Financial Assistance for Students of Telangana” (FAST). Students of both professional courses and higher studies will be covered and will be benefited under this.

·       Toddy Shops to come up again
The earlier governments did lot of injustice to toddy tapers under pressure from liquor lobby. Number of Toddy shops that were providing employment to several people were ordered to be closed. Though the toddy tapers agitated the government did not respond. As promised in the election manifesto, the TRS government has decided to reopen the shops in Hyderabad. They will commence from Dasara Festival. Due to this decision about 60000 toddy tapers will get employment. Not only in Hyderabad but also in the surroundings they will be opened providing employment opportunities.

·       Government Recognition to RMPs and PMPs
Having lived in the villages and moved closely with other villagers, several RMPs and PMPs have been engaged in medical practice in their own way despite facing humiliation often from several quarters. In order to enhance their dignity the Telangana Government decided to issue certificates to those who already completed training and to others organize training.

·        Due recognition to sports and games
While giving a due recognition to sports and games the government of Telangana has decided to draft a sports policy. Due to financial constraints some sports persons are unable to participate in the International sports arena. In order to encourage such sports persons, government has decided to provide Rs. 3 Lakhs to all those sports persons who participate in international competitions. The government further decided to award Rs. 50 Lakhs to those who win a Gold Medal for the Country in the International sports events, Rs. 25 Lakhs to those who win a Silver Medal and Rs. 15 Lakhs to those who win a Bronze Medal as well as cash award on par with Gold Medal winners to the Coaches.

·       Cash Awards to the children who scaled the Mount Everest
The Government has announced a cash award of Rs. 25 Lakhs each to the Girijan and Dalit children Poorna and Anand, who scaled the Mount Everest, as an encouragement. In addition to the award the CM also felicitated them at the Golconda Fort on the Independence Day. CM patted Anand on the occasion. Coach of Anand and Poorna was also given Rs. 25 lakh as an award.

·        Mana Vooru-Mana Pranalika
CM felt that planning cannot be done just sitting in Hyderabad and doing. If proper results are to be achieved the planning has to begin at village level. Accordingly CM desired that every village, mandal, town and district should prepare its plans and then they are to be dovetailed into state plan. That is how the ambitious program “Mana Vooru Mana Pranalika” was organized. The suggestions that have come there the state plan is being prepared. It is for the first time anywhere in the country planning is done with people participation and Telangana Government took the initiative.

·       “Harita Haram” (Green Cover) to Telangana
The Government has decided to increase green cover all over Telangana. “Telangana ku Harita Haram” a flagship program of the state government envisages to increase the tree cover of the state. As part of this, in the coming three years 230 Crore plants are proposed to be added to the greenery of Telangana. For this purpose Nurseries are being organized in villages. A detailed exercise for identification of nurseries has been completed.

·        State level Advisory Council
In order to obtain suggestions from various sections of people, the Government is envisaging to form an Advisory Council comprising of Intellectuals, Experts, Experienced persons, Doctors, Lawyers, Journalists, Scientists and so on. Their advice on matters of governance will be taken into consideration for effective implementation programs and policies of government.

·       Intensive and Comprehensive House Hold Survey
Non availability proper statistical data hampers the implementation of developmental and welfare schemes. Corrupt practices either in issue of ration cards or in allotment of houses or sanction of pensions or implementing any other similar scheme are mainly due to non availability of proper statistics. In order to have a concrete data on all aspects the Telangana Government has undertaken an intensive and comprehensive household survey on 19th August on a single day. About 4 lakhs of employees participated as enumerators besides volunteers and students in some urban areas. The data is now being compiled.

·        Loan waiver to Power loom workers
The Government has decided to waive loans up to Rs. One Lakh to the power loom workers on par with farmers to mitigate their problems.

·       Dalit and Minority as Deputy Chief Ministers
It is the belief of this government that the Dalits and Minorities should get their due recognition and place in every walk of life. Towards this as a first step, for the first time anywhere in the country, a Dalit and a Minority have been chosen as Deputy Chief Ministers in the cabinet.

·        SCs and STs to get funds directly
The Constitution of India stipulates that funds and budgetary allocations are to be made to SCs and STs on population basis. However, none of the earlier governments have followed this principle and also lacked commitment for their welfare. The funds allotted to SCs and STs used to be diverted often for other purposes. Telangana Government has brought revolutionary changes in this aspect. Whatever amount has been allocated in the budget for SCs and STs, that entire amount shall be directly allotted to SC and ST Development Departments hereafter. This will enable stoppage of diversion of funds to other departments.

·       Welfare Portfolios retained by CM
Unlike in the past, the CM has decided to keep the welfare portfolios with him only, for effective implementation of schemes meant for them. Though a number of schemes were formulated for the welfare of SCs, STs, BCs, Women and Minorities, earlier too, none of them could yield proper results in the absence of commitment. The CM hence retained the portfolios as a challenge keeping in view their welfare as a whole.

·       Reservations for SC, ST and BCs in Market Committees
For the first time the Telangana Government has decided to provide reservations for SC, ST and BCs in the Market Committees. Reservations in the market committees will be on the similar lines of Panchayat Raj Institutions.

·       Study Circles for SC, ST and BCs
It has become very difficult to the poor SC, ST and BC students to compete in the UPSC and TSPSC examinations. In fact there are no adequate facilities for coaching and study circles are mainly in Hyderabad only. The Government keeping this in view has decided to start study circles for SC, ST and BC students at district level.

·       Reservations for BCs in lawmaking bodies
TRS Government feels that in accordance with population ratio, all sections of the society should get opportunities in all aspects. As per the constitution, SCs and STs have reservations in all elected bodies including Parliament and Assemblies. BCs have no such facility. This requires an enactment in the parliament. The Telangana Government will initiate steps and will bring pressure on Government of India for reservations to BCs. TRS members will raise this issue in Parliament.
·       Closure of Gambling Dens and playing cards Clubs
The Government has decided not to allow any gambling dens or playing cards clubs to operate anywhere in the state. They are playing with the lives of many families. In Hyderabad they have been already closed and in districts orders have been issued for their closure. There is no place for such illegal activities in the state of Telangana.

·       School Children not to be involved to welcome of VIPs
It has become a regular practice to bring school going children on to the roads and make them hold placards welcoming VIPs on occasions. Standing several hours on the roads often in hot son, make the child suffer a lot resulting in health hazards also. The Government hence decided not to allow the school authorities to bring them on to the roads. Instructions have been issued in this regard.

·       Special focus on Four Cities
The Government has decided to develop in all aspects with special focus Warangal, Nizamabad, Khammam and Karimnagar towns on par with Hyderabad. Accordingly, in tune with the decision, instructions have been issued that all the four towns shall have ring roads, internal roads as well as to prepare a master plan to cover the next 30 years.

·       Reforms in Tender Process
At present the government follows the system of selecting contractors department wise. Contractor of one department is barred from undertaking works of other department. This is resulting in non availability of contractors for undertaking several works. Sometimes contractors who are available are forming into a syndicate and grabbing the works. That is why it is decided to introduce reforms in tender process. All contractors are to be made eligible for undertaking works for all the works of any department.

·       Plantation made compulsory in every house
It has been made obligatory and compulsory to plant trees for sanctioning building permissions in municipalities and panchayats. Every construction shall have tree plantation compulsorily. Government has decided to increase green cover through this also.

·        Relief to Red Jowar producers
Government has sanctioned Rs. 11.5 Crores that are due to the red Jowar farmers of Nizamabad District. Farmers of that district who sold Jowar to neighboring states did not get their sale amount as they were cheated by the middlemen. They were put to loss. In order to mitigate their financial problems, the government has decided to pay the dues.

·       Agricultural Training Center in Ankapoor
Government has decided to make Ankapoor village of Nizamabad District as a center for Agriculture Training and Research. CM visited Ankapoor and complimented the farmers for their initiative to go for high yielding agricultural products and for marketing them in a scientific way.

·       Agriculture University named after Jayashankar
The NG Ranga Agriculture University has been renamed as Professor Jayashankar University. On August 6th his birth anniversary was celebrated in the campus. Professor Jayashankar statue was unveiled in the campus by CM on that occasion.

·       Veterinary University named after PV
Late PV Narasimha Rao occupied several positions in the country including that of country’s Prime Minister. The earlier governments did not give due recognition to him. Now the Government has decided to name the veterinary university after former PM PV Narasimha Rao. By doing so, the government feels that future generations will be in a position to know about the past history of Telangana. The Government has also organized PV birth anniversary as an official function on June 28, 2014. The Government also recommended to Center to honor him with Bharataratna.

·       SC and BC leaders as MLCs
When government has got an opportunity to nominate three MLCs in Governor’s Quota, it has done social justice. Labor Leader Nayini Narsimha Reddy, BC Leader Karne Prabhakar and ST Leader Ramulu Naik have been selected for these positions.

·       State Emblem with Historical perspective
Government has taken care in selecting state emblem. It symbolizes Telangana history, culture and various specialties. Kakatiya Kalatoranam with thousands years of history behind it and Hyderabad’s Charminar are included in the emblem.

·       Supernumerary posts for DSPs
In Telangana 134 DSPs are reverted in their positions. The state government immediately after assuming the office, issued instructions promoting them as DSPs. To facilitate their appointment to higher positions supernumerary posts have been created.

·       Master Plan to Hyderabad
Government has decided to get a master plan prepared to Hyderabad. Cabinet approved the proposal to appoint consultants from abroad also if necessary to prepare the plan. The master plan should be prepared keeping in view the future growth of the city at least for the next 30 years. Infrastructural facilities will also be created accordingly.

·       Expansion of Metro Rail length
Government is of the opinion that the present design and the coverage of length of Metro Rail may not be sufficient keeping in view the needs and requirements of Hyderabad population. Government has decided that the present design of 82 Kilometers to be extended to 200 KM.

·       Official Status to Telangana Festivals
Government has issued orders that Batukamma and Bonalu celebrated in Telangana should be treated as State Festivals. In fact Bonalu were celebrated this year as state festival. CM participated in the celebrations. Batukamma would also be celebrated officially as state festival. Government has also decided to celebrate Ramzan and Christmas officially.

·       New Business Rules
The business rules that are now being followed are made in the context of Andhra Pradesh. The Government has decided to change them to suit to the Telangana Context. 

§  Telangana Textile Park
         Telangana government has decided to develop Telangana Textile Park in such a way similar to Tamil Nadu’s Tirupur Park. There are adequate facilities for establishing textile parks in Warangal and Sirsilla also.

§  Special Growth Engine project for SCs
        The government has envisaged a special growth engine project for the up-liftment and economic development of the SC community. Budgetary allocations for the SC welfare would be transferred to the SC welfare department for implementing the project. There has to be a segmentation of pukka rural Dalit, semi urban Dalit and pukka urban Dalit to get benefited under the welfare programs.

§  Reinventing and reorienting
         The government contemplated a policy in the areas of farming and other aspects of SC welfare. The slogan is Telangana needs to be reinvented and reoriented. Once in every three months officers concerned would get evaluation reports on the implementation of the schemes. There has to be flow of information from Hyderabad to Village and Village to Hyderabad.

§  Demolition of illegal Constructions
       The Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has to deal firmly including resorting to demolition of constructions in Hyderabad that are illegal as well as built without permission. Government has also decided to protect the Gurukul Trust lands. Providing water or electricity or any other facility by any department to such buildings will be viewed as illegal.

§  Dumping yards around Hyderabad
       Government has decided to develop dumping yards around Hyderabad city in about 10-15 places for effective disposal of garbage. In addition Gandipet and Himayat Sagar tanks are to be repaired, cleansed up ensuring a proper and safe drinking water supply.

§  Weeding out of Bogus Ration Cards
       The government has noticed that over and above households and over and above the eligibility there are about 22 Lakhs of excess ration cards in the state - Both Pink and White. It has been decided to weed out them and instructions were issued for withdrawal of all ineligible ration cards.

§  4000MW Power Generation plant to come up
        National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has agreed to set up 4000MW Power generation plant at Ramagundam adjacent to their existing units as an expansion unit. The required coal linkage with NTPC, Government of India and the State will be taken up by the Telangana government. The land required for the plant will be provided by the government. The first unit will be completed within 39 months.

§  IKEA to setup its first store in Hyderabad
        The World’s largest International furniture and textiles retail company IKEA will be setting up its first store in India in Hyderabad. This will place Hyderabad on the International map of IKEA stores. The Hyderabad stores will be started with an investment of Rs.550 to Rs.600 Crores.

§  Singareni Collieries to be made  as a State owned Company
           The Government of Telangana is exploring the possibilities of paying the Government of India shares in the Singareni Collieries Company to make it totally a Telangana state owned company. Government also desires that Singareni as a reputed company needs to go outside India and bid for mining abroad to make it more proud.

§  Four Super Specialty Hospitals to come up for Singareni workers
        The Singareni Collieries employees are drawn from all over the country. The government believes that the health of Singareni workers to be taken care of and totally streamlined. Four Super Specialties hospitals in four districts covered by the Singareni mining namely Khammam, Warangal, Adilabad and Karimnagar will come up shortly. Making use of these hospitals the company may also run a medical college in due course.

§  Pharma City around Hyderabad
        In about 7-8 thousand acres of land accessible to National Highway and Railway track a Pharma City or a group of Pharma Cities are likely to come up around Hyderabad shortly. The Pharma city will include both industry as well as residential colony. A 500MW capacity power plant will also be established adjacent to the Pharma city. The required land, infrastructure facilities, power supply and water supply will be provided by the government.

§  Power from Chhattisgarh
            The government has decided to initiate steps for obtaining power from Chhattisgarh by way of both long term and Medium term basis. 1000MW of power to be bought from Chhattisgarh government through an MOU with Chhattisgarh State Power distribution company and entering into PPA with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd lines.1500MW of power to be obtained through dedicated lines and to negotiate for 2000 MW of power on medium term basis from Chhattisgarh to meet immediate needs for a five years period.

§  Coca-Cola Plant to come up
           Realizing that Telangana is the biggest market for Coca-Cola the company has shown interest to set up a large mega plant with Rs.1000 Crore investments in the state with government support. The company has assured the government that they will participate in the government’s community development programs.

§  Dong Fang Electric Corporation of China to setup Power Generation Facility
            Dong Fang Electric Corporation (DEC) of China the World’s largest power equipment manufacturers expressed keen interest to participate in the government’s efforts to add power generation capacity. This will be done in the shortest time possible and in an effective way. DEC offers to set up Power Generation Facility with configuration of 660-1000 MW capacity.

§  10% of water exclusively for Industrial Purposes
         Government feels that industries depend upon provision of infrastructure facilities particularly water and power. Government has decided that all existing and future irrigation projects in the state should earmark 10% of the water exclusively for industries purpose. In addition another 10% of water from reservoirs shall be made available exclusively for drinking purposes.

§  Power supply for Industries
         Power is a crucial requirement for industries. Till the state becomes self sufficient in power generation, the government will initiate steps to ensure that power required by industries is met through the facility of open access, power purchase, from the power exchange. Non conventional energy like solar power will also be an important component in power supply arrangement.

§  Core sections for Industrial Investment
         The government has identified number of core sections in which industries investments will be treated on priority. The government is in the process of developing sector specific industrial parks at appropriate location having all the required infrastructure facilities.

§  Evolving policy as a prerequisite for formulating budget proposals
The Chief Minister desires that evolving a policy for each and every department shall be a pre-requisite for formulating budget proposals for this financial year and in future. The policy so formulated should aim at generating wealth and should not be a mere financial statement of income and expenditure. Budget should be able to do justice to all sections of society and government programs should be able to develop all regions equally. The Telangana Government has decided to constitute 14 task force committees to formulate budget proposals for various departments for 2014-15.

§  Unification of allied departments
         There used to be multiple government departments for one single subject. This resulted in delays in implementing the government decisions besides lack of coordination among them. The Telangana government has brought all such similar departments dealing with same subjects under one umbrella combining into one ministry. For Example: there used to be minor irrigation, medium irrigation and major irrigation departments. Now the government has merged all of them into one single department namely the Irrigation department. Similarly it has been done in the case of Education, Agriculture and Industries etc.

§  Telangana State Public Service Commission
         Government gives top priority for putting an end to unemployment and to fill the vacancies in various government departments. For this purpose the government has formed specially the Telangana State Public Service Commission. This commission would conduct exams once in a year and fill up the vacancies on priority. In the past through APPSC lot of injustice was done to the Telangana unemployed. Hence, the decision to form the TSPSC to rectify the past mistakes.

§  3% Reservation for Christians
       TRS government aims at providing equal opportunities to very one in the society. Its objective is to see that the reservations are to be implemented based on the population ratio. It is estimated that the percentage of Christians is three in the total population. However, the actual data will be available once the intensive household survey results are computerized. The government has decided to provide reservations to Christians as per their population ratio.

§  Permission to construct churches
Earlier, during the previous government, there were lot of problems for obtaining sanctions and permits for construction of churches. For permissions they required to approach the District Collector, whereas, for temples, masjids and other prayer places the Village Sarpanch permission was enough. The government now has decided to empower the Village Panchayat or the Municipality as the case may be to sanction permission for construction of churches instead of the Collector. Accordingly a plan has been evolved.

·        Representation to Christians in Council
         The government feels to provide representation to Christians in law making bodies. To bring it to the notice of government various issues and problems faced by the Christians and to raise the matter in legislatures the government feels it necessity to nominate a person to the council. Hence, the Chief Minister has decided to nominate one Christian to the Telangana legislative Council.

§  Palamuru- Jurala- Pakala
     In the united Andhra Pradesh lot of injustice was done to Telangana region in irrigation projects. Even the expenditure said to have been incurred on Telangana projects did not result in providing water to Telangana area. Projects like Dummugudem constructed in Telangana region provide water to Andhra area. Now the Telangana government has decided to construct irrigation projects purely in Telangana context and to be totally useful to Telangana state. Government has decided to give top priority as part of irrigation projects to Palamuru lift irrigation which enables water from Mahaboobnagar District to Hyderabad. At Jurala the water flow is about one lakh cusecs hence, the government has decided to divert water from Jurala in Mahabubnagar district to Pakala in Warangal district and there by stabilize the ayacut of tanks in four districts (Mahaboobnagar, Warangal, Nalgonda, and Hyderabad). To survey these two projects government has released funds.

§  Two bedroom house to the Poor
        Even though on the name of weaker sections housing program the earlier governments claimed to have constructed houses since 1982, in effect they did not yield results and did not help the poor. In several instances lot of corruption took place. Even the few houses that were built are of one bedroom and as a result they are inadequate for any family to stay. The government has decided to build to each of the poor family a two bedroom house with a hall, kitchen, bathroom and lavatory in about 120 square yards place costing about Rs.3.5lakhs. This would be not only sufficient for them to stay but also will enhance their self respect. The house building program will commence from next year.

§  CID probe on housing program
          On the name of weaker sections housing program, on record it is shown that an estimated 55 lakh of houses were built and thousands of crores of money was spent. In fact this figure does not match the actual position. These houses said to have been built are not physically in existence. Without constructing, the middle men and contractors have drawn bills illegally. The few houses said to have been built on the name of poor are occupied by rich people. The government having taken note of this very seriously ordered for a thorough probe by CID.

§  Late Kaloji to be honored
        People’s poet Late Kaloji Narayana Rao besides bringing name and fame popularized the Telangana spoken language during his time. On the name of 'NAA GODAVA' his writings have become very popular. Kaloji participated in several movements and agitations seeking justice. Even though, the government of India honored him with Padma Vibhushan award he was not duly honored the way he deserved by the united Andhra Pradesh government. The Telangana government has decided to richly honor Kaloji. The government has also decided to organize his birth centenary falling on 9th September this year officially both at Warangal and Hyderabad. Incidentally Kaloji birth centenary and 100 days of present Telangana government fall on the same day on 9th sep. 2014. In three acres of land at Balasamudram in Warangal town an auditorium to be named as Kaloji Cultural Centre will be built. A Horticulture garden will also be developed by the government. In the same premises Kaloji statue will also be unveiled.

·        Dasarathi Birth Anniversary as an official program
The Birth Anniversary of Late Dasarathi Krishnamacharya, who converted Telugu Poetry into a powerful weapon and awakened the Telangana people, falling on July 22, 2014 was performed as a state function officially. In the program that was held in Hyderabad’s Ravindrabharathi, the Chief Minister participated as Chief Guest and announced that an award will be constituted on the name of Dasarathi. CM also announced that the government will help his family.

·        Nawaj Jung Birth Anniversary as an official program
The Birth Anniversary of Late Nawaj Jung, famous Engineer and architect of many water reservoirs in and around Hyderabad, falling on July 11, 2014 was organized officially. His statue has been unveiled in Hyderabad. His birth Anniversary will be the Engineers’ Day announced the government.

·        Committee to prevent atrocities on women
The government has appointed a committee with IAS, IPS officers to make a comprehensive study on the subject of atrocities on women, the problems they face day to day and other related issues face by women. The committee after a thorough study will submit a report to the government. The government feels that the safety of women is very important.

·        Government response in Moosaipet bus accident
In the accident near Moosaipet in Medak District on July 24, 2014 in which a private school bus collided with goods train, 16 school children along with bus driver and cleaner died. The government with a heavy heart responded very quickly to the incident. Four ministers left immediately to the place of accident. CM himself went to the hospital where the injured are undergoing treatment and consoled them and their relatives. The injured are given medical treatment with government expenses and their lives are saved. To the victims in the accident state government gave Rs. 5 Lakh exgratia and Railways gave another Rs. 2 Lakhs. The government also brought pressure on Railway department for expediting construction of level crossing gates. Rules and regulations with respect to school buses management have been tightened.

·        Independence Day Celebrations at Golconda Fort
Telangana State Government for the first time organized the Independence Day Celebrations at the historical Golconda Fort this year. Chief Minister hoisted the National Flag and received salute after reviewing the police parade. To tell the whole world about the rich heritage of this historical fort and to popularise the history and culture of Telangana the government took this decision. Deputy CM Doctor T. Rajaiah hoisted the flag similarly at Warangal Fort.

·        Assistance to Real Estate and Construction activity
The Chief Minister announced several concessions to the realty sector in the state. This includes removal of value added tax and extension of single window clearance system on par with the industrial sector.

·        Provision of Vehicle facility to Mandal Level officers
Government has decided to provide the facility of vehicles to the officers up to Mandal level who are in regular interface with people at large. These are the officers at field level who shoulder the responsibility of implementing government programs and schemes. Thus the MPDO and MRO will be eligible for this facility.

§  Enhancement of Hamali rates
        The Hamalis who work day and night and carry quintals of weight on their shoulders and help in supply of food to several people have been paid inadequate labor rates. The government has enhanced the labor charges of Hamalis working at the mandal level from Rs.8/-per quintal to Rs.12/-. Bonus has also been enhanced from Rs.1000/- to Rs.3000/- Due to this decision each Hamali will get an additional income of Rs.3000/- per month.

§  Government in aid of RTC
         To pull out Telangana Road Transport Corporation from losses the government has sanctioned Rs.350 crores. At one point of time the RTC management has to resort to utilize the funds of employee's cooperative society to overcome the financial constraints. Hence the government responded and helped RTC.

§  GENCO enhances its capacity of production
          During the past couple of months Telangana GENCO enhanced its production capacity resulting in some relief to the consumers. Compared to last year, so far, there has been an additional 13% of more production by GENCO. Though the number of plants are not increased, the net capacity is increased due to the commitment of staff and due to the quality of work turned out. Nearly 1000MW of power could additionally been produced. Its value in the open market is Rs.700 crores.

§  20000MW of Power production in the next 5 years
          To overcome the deficiency in the power production the government has taken certain long term measures. There has already been an MOU with Chhattisgarh government to purchase 2000MW of power. But it will take at least 18 months to lay the supply lines. The power from there will be available only in 2015. The earlier governments did not even think of laying a line for a future need from Chhattisgarh.  Telangana also has to get 4000MW as central share from NTPC. It will take 2 years for this also. GENCO action plan is ready for producing another 6000MW of power. However, from all these sources it will take 3 years for obtaining the required power. On the whole, in addition to the present 8000MW of power production capacity, in the next 3 years another 12000MW of power will be available making Telangana a surplus state.

§  2800MW in two years
        The Telangana government right from its inception has increased up production of power through the GENCO and Singareni. As a result, the state will get 2800 MW additional power by the end of next year from three sources namely from Bhupalpally 600MW of GENCO, from Jaipur in Adilabad 1200MW of Singareni and 1000MW of central station. When this is made available the deficiency will be overcome. 

·        Cinema City in Hyderabad
Hyderabad is most suitable place for the film industry. The state government has decided to develop a cinema city in Hyderabad on the standards of the Hollywood in about 2000 acres of land. In addition to shootings of films, activities like special effects, graphics and other related things will also form part of the proposed cinema city.

·        Forestry College for  Telangana
The government has desired to establish a forest college for Telangana state. Through this college, which will be affiliated to Agriculture University, the students will gain knowledge about forestry, forest products, tribals and related issues as well as keeping them informed of the environmental equilibrium.

·        Help to IDH Colony residents
The Chief Minister has announced a lot of measures improving the living standards of IDH colony in Bhoiguda, Secunderabad. The Chief Minister assured to convert the colony into a model colony reflecting the bigger plans to develop slums of the weaker sections in future.

·        Free and Cumpulsory Education to all
The Government has decided to introduce free and cumpulsory education phasewise. It intends to organize a symposium involving all concerned to arrive at modalities. To compete with the modern world the government aims at providing opportunities to all to pursue studies in english medium. With reference to implementing common service rules, the government intends to dicuss with teachers’unions. Promoting teachers as DEOs and MEOs is also under consideration of government.

·        Initiatives for the welfare of Journalists
Government has decided to earmark Rs. 10 Crores in the state budget for the welfare of journalists. All accredited journalists of Telangana State will get Health Cards soon. The Journalist Bhavan with all facilities will be constructed in Hyderabad. Government desires that through Telangana Press Academy, training programs to journalists to improve their skills are to be conducted. Press Academy will also take initiative for inculcating Telangana Attitude among media persons keeping in view the interests of Telangana.

·        Reorganization of Districts in state
The Government is planning to increase the number of districts from the existing 10. Reorganization of districts would be based on viable geographical parameters. This is in tune with the promise made in the TRS election manifesto where it has been mentioned that better administration could be possible only if larger districts are divided into two or three depending upon the extent of areas and population as well as proximity of district headquarters.

·        Drinking Water Grid of Telangana
The government intends to provide safe drinking water through pipes to all the households in the state. For this purpose the government decided to establish Drinking Water Grid of Telangana. A comprehensive report on the present availability of pipelines, reservoirs, water sources and related issues is being prepared by the concerned department. A meeting of engineers of rural water supply department working at mandal level is being organized to have an understanding about the Telangana Water Grid.

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