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(Recovered and Reloaded)
METRO INDIA (15-04-2016)

Sage Viswamitra took along with him the divine brothers Sri Rama and Lakshmana to protect the yajnas he was performing. After successfully completing the yajnas, he took them to Mithila where King Janaka was also performing a yajna. Knowing that Viswamitra had arrived in his kingdom, King Janaka went to meet the sage. King Janaka became curious about the young boys who accompanied Viswamitra. He asked the sage who they were and Viswamitra told the King that they were sons of King Dasaradha and had killed evil forces while protecting his yajna. Vishwamitra asked Janaka to show the bow to the princes. On the invitation of King Janaka, Rama and Lakshmana went to see the mighty bow of Siva. Janaka told the sage that, whoever lifts the bow and aims the arrow, would get his daughter Sita’s hand in marriage.

Upon the directions of Janaka, the bow, along with the box, was brought. Instructed by Viswamitra, Sri Rama took out the bow with ease and while he was trying to make its string taut, the bow broke into two halves. Janaka, as per his promise, offered to give away Sita in marriage to Rama then and there. However, Sri Rama did not agree to it, he made it clear that he would not get married without the permission of his father. King Janaka immediately sent messengers to Dasaradha and invited him. After knowing all the particulars of each other’s lineage, Janaka said that if Dasaradha permitted he would get his daughters Sita and Urmila married to Rama and Lakshmana respectively. Then Viswamitra suggested that Janaka’s brother Kusadhwaja’s daughters could be married to Bharata and Satrughna. They agreed to perform the marriage after two days. The marriage was performed with pomp.
The moment Sri Rama broke the bow, Janaka understood that he was none other than Vishnu. Thus, he decided to give away Sita, who is none other than Goddess Lakshmi. He felt that all the great efforts of Sri Rama would only be fruitful because of Sita.
(As told in Andhra Valmiki Ramayanam of Vasu Dasu)

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